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Feb. 25th, 2016

Letter #16

So I know it's been a long time since I written a letter to you....
Work has been getting a little better, the girl who originally started off being a bitch to me has been a little better. The other one, however, still doesn't talk to me. Its fine by me, I just try to keep busy when I work with her.
The nice thing about work is that last week my office manager asked me to step into the back and tech for a moment because she needed to handle something. It wasn't anything big it was literally just to comfort a dog while the doctor placed an urine catheter for him. I just sat on the floor and rubbed his ears and talked to him. When I was done, one of the veterinary technician's told me I was welcome to come hang out with them anytime. I kindly thanked her and told I was interested in learning things about the back.
Then two days later the same tech was pulling blood from a dog and asked me to come over and just distract him by patting him on the head.
This week the head veterinarin came to the front and called me into the back. At first I though I was getting in trouble for something because I'm still learning how to do things and make small mistakes. Instead he asked me to hold a cat for blood withdrawl. I told him I haven't done that in a long time - since a few years back at the shelter. So he reshowed me and then explained the different vials they use for testing. After that he told me I did a good job and brought me over to the pharamacy and taught me how to fill prescriptions.
It was announced that his next appointment was there so I figured he was going to send me back to the front desk - however I was surprised again when he told me to follow him into the room. I held the cat for examination while he talked to the owner. Sadly I couldn't stay in there for the whole appointment because the other receptionist had to go pick up her daughter.
And lastly yesterday the technician's were talking about how the doctor wasnts to cross train me and they're all pretty excited to have me help in the back. So while I was back there one of them asked me to help with blood withdrawl on a dog again.
It's really exciting and interesting. I hope I can get back there more this upcoming week.

Nov. 30th, 2015

Letter #15

So yea I know it has been suuuuper long sing I have wrote a letter on here but I felt like if we talked on the phone I'd be back tracking a lot. So let's see.... On November 10th is when we came home from Disney. As you know I was super sick the week after coming home. It all started on this day. By the time Nick and I got home I had lost my voice. I sounded much like a squirrel falling.
So after talking to Jen and Alex about the trip we asked how everything went here. I was not prepared for all the shit that happened.  We knew that Magnus lost our dogs on our second day in Disney - but I was not prepared for everything else. He didn't pay all of the rent - only about 1/4 of it. His girl thing had spent everyday at our house. At one point he had left her in my house alone and the only reason we knew that was because Jen had called out sick and the girl tried talking to her most of that day. I went into the bathroom and there were things missing - like my razor, for some reason all three of nick's razors were in the shower. There was a candle that I was saving for Christmas that had been burned. My combs were missing. My favorite body spray was gone. My bellybutton ring was gone (though I realized that a few days later). In the shower my massage oil (which I never opened) was opened with the cap still off. In Magnus's room there were a few of my candles. In the living room my crackle candle that mom got me was missing. I feel like there was more. I was furious. I called Magnus 3 times and told him to get home. Nick and I waited until 2 AM for him to come home and then we talked to him about EVERYTHING. He apologized but he understood why Nick and I were kicking him out. It was stressful and it wasn't how we wanted to do it - but it happened. I went to bed exhausted and having work the next day.

Work has been a living nightmare ever since I've returned back from the honeymoon. I worked like a dog when I was sick. I've been so tired that I have been late four times in the past two weeks from sleeping through my alarm. And I'm just done. I have been closing by myself every Monday and Tuesday. And I've only had Saturdays off. December is better because I have Friday off during the day but I still work the over night and then I have Saturdays off. The truth is I work everyday in reality because my night shift goes over into the next day. I'm hating it. I'm almost of the verve of tears some days or walking out. But then I remember that I'm an adult now and I need the job to pay bills.

I guess that's really it for now. My mind is just getting upset about work and I hope everything turns for the better soon because I really hate my shift for Christmas.

May. 31st, 2015

Letter #14

I miss you. I miss you a lot. and I miss all the things we used to do. I have been hanging out with this girl Lindsey from my American Sign Language class. She's really nice, you would like her. We started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender with her friend Naomi and Jen. I forgot how much I enjoyed this show. I'm becoming re-obsessed all over again. It's not a bad thing, at least I hope not. I ended up buying Legend of Korra, even though I never saw it yet. But doing these things made me think of you and how we used to do them.
Lindsey came over the other night and we watched My Neighbor Totoro and it reminded me of when we watched Spirited Away for the first time. I miss watching Harry Potter with you or Dragonballz and Card Captor Sakura. I miss reading fanfics together and making popcorn and cake at crazy hours of the night. I really miss going to the library together and then going to my or your house JUST to read the books we took out and then swap and talk.
At the same time I'm very happy that those things took a break, only because now I can truly appreciate those times right now.
We need to Skype soon, or something. I'm sorry I fail at keeping in touch.
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Apr. 19th, 2015

Letter #13

So this really isn’t like an update or anything I just wanted to have a place to write about this. It’s going to be jumbled as my thoughts jump here and there so I apologize for that.
My co-worker and I were talking the other day about how a lot has changed since we were kids. Like we could ride our bikes around the neighborhood and everything was fine as long as you were in by sundown. There were no cell phones for kids our age. We played in the dirt and scrapped our knees, none of this protective bubble that most of today’s kids are in.  It’s a rare sight to see kids outside playing basketball or ride their bikes. Halloween is like a joke, my parents rarely get trick or treaters anymore.  It’s weird.  I feel the same about most adults. They're always surrounded by technology, like even now I'm not one to talk considering I'm typing this on the computer. I feel like I notice a lot because I at least pay attention to my surroundings. Most people are always on their phones when they go out to eat (which I am guilty of but getting better). And what do they talk about when they aren’t on the phones? Video games, the movie they saw last week, or the new television show. How about that new youtube video that went viral? All conversations about what is technology.  If you’re lucky you might actually have a conversation about that person’s week, but then maybe they might even remember to ask about yours. It’s really messed up. And then… then there are those ever rare, few conversations that are deep and out of this world. Like talking about the stars or someone’s feelings or just … I don’t even know because they are just so personal and amazing. It’s sad to see that we connected only to be so disconnected.
I see parents let technology raise their kids because they are too busy with the television show they missed because they were at work, or whatever excuse they have. That’s how kids are growing in a bubble. They get hooked on everything that is easily there for them, They have no want or need to get outside and get dirty.
I want to be more adventurous, climb mountains, see waterfalls, embrace the beauty of nature that we all take for granted (which is why I'm going to Oregon next year to see Cait). I know I need to get in shape in order to accomplish some of these things, maybe read a book or two about survival. I want to know that if tomorrow the world goes to shit then I will be able to last. Ask yourself seriously, would you be able to live off the land? Can you recognize plants that you can eat or those that are poisonous? Maybe you have a friend who can… awesome for them. What if you get separated? Would YOU, yourself be able to make it alone? Right now, I don't think I would be able to and that's sad.
I’m not saying that I’m going to give up all technology, because sadly today it’s hard to, plus people think the worst now if they don’t hear from you (car accident, kidnapped, or possibly lying dead in a ditch). So you have to stay in touch somehow.  But I do want to change how much I use it.

Apr. 10th, 2015

Letter #12

So it has been a while since I have written anything. Let's see....

Work is busy as ever. This week the schools are on Easter break and so we have been maxed out with boarders (approx 70-80 dogs) and daycare (around 20 more dogs). I havent gotten off of work on time for the past week. I got a key and a code for the building (apparently the fastest anyone has gotten one, so thats got to be good) I also got a 50 cent raise, which is nice. I'm still not making what I was at the shelter but at least I'm making money.

With work being so busy I fell behind school work a little bit. I forgot that I had an Art History test and did so bad that my teacher didn't even grade it. I talked to her after class and explained how it has been with work and so she just told me to take it home and use my book, which was super nice of her.  As for American Sign Language, I love it - but I'm still nervous. I talked to my teacher after class and we talked about my anxiety issues. When I took my midterm she said I did better and I even felt a little better but still anxious. I have been practicing a lot and have been trying to learn how to sign some songs (like Dont Wanna Miss a Thing - Aerosmith and Sugar - Maroon 5) Both are pretty easy songs. I even try to sign some of Take me to Church - Hoizer. Some times I do good... others I blank out.

I decided that I'm going to get more in touch with my Native side. I plan on going to the library to learn more about the Lenape and their legends. Now I just have to find time to go to the library.... I wonder if my card is still active.

Also, Nick and I extended our honeymoon 1 extra day. We are doing Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party on Nov 1st and then Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party on Nov 8th (the day we were supposed to leave).
Jen and I haven't worked on the shoes lately, just the one night. We haven't been together since then (expect tonight but we are at Jeff's house) I did talk to my dad recently a little about the wedding - I'll tell you more the next time we Skype or talk on the phone.

Tomorrow is Landon's birthday party, Nick and I have to get him something in the morning because I didn't want to go shopping without Nick and Nick has been working night shifts for 3 weeks now. That's really it. Just work and work and going through the motions of life.
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Feb. 27th, 2015

Letter #11

So let's see, last Friday was my first day of work. Now I thought the shelter got busy. I got my ass beat. The job however is awesome. Friday was the close shift fr me so I came in a 1 and worked until 7. Weekends are big for them because they have boarding and day care and grooming. Basically my job was to bring any boarding dogs into the back and set them up in their kennels and make sure all their thins are checked-in at the desk. During this I am to bring day-care dogs out to the morning and swing shift people for play groups. I also am cleaning kennels for the dogs who are picked up though out the day. Some dogs get sprayed with a nice spray so they don't smell like dog when they leave, while others dog so I have to constantly check the board before I bring them up front for pick up. Some dogs are red cards so they can't play with others. It doesn't sound like much but I was so busy that I didn't get break until 45 minutes before I let and I literally shoveled food down my throat in 5 minutes.
Saturday was Winter Brawl. I didn't play until 6 (Actually around 7 because they were behind an hour) My first match was on stream. ( Nick looked at the tally for the website and over 2000 people were watching - yikes) I didn't do too well. I lost my first match and got placed in the loser brackets. I won my second match so I advanced in losers but then lost my  third match. We went to Applebee's after that and Rachael and Wesley joined us. It was so nice because it was literally like old times with laughs and good cheer.
The rest of the week was okay. I really enjoy my American Sign Language class. Two of my classmates and I are planning to go to Mall Chat (which is at the local mall) and meet some deaf people. We have to do an assignment where we interview a deaf person and so our teacher encourages us to get out there and try to meet people in our community. I also super nervous because I'm not the fastest signer, I can't mimic the right facial expressions because I'm too busy maing sure I'm signing the right sign.
Today I had work again and once again my ass got handed to me. My back is in a lot of pain and my knees are killing me too.I got my schedule for March and HOLY HOURS BATMAN! I went from just 12 hours this week to 27 hours a week. I work Monday- Friday and then I'm on call one Saturday and one Sunday during the month.
I'm at Jeff and Mitch's house - about to play Pottermore and I think I'll look Star Trek up online and watch it since Spock has left us. =(
"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory."
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Feb. 2nd, 2015

Letter #10

Nothing really new has happened. On Saturday Nick, Alex and I drove up north for the APEX tournament. Alex and Nick both did good and were both knocked out by top players. I will be playing in Winter Brawl.... eep! I have never played in a tournament before and so Alex and Nick are training me because we are going to surprise the other boys. Alex and I are going to be on a team for Smash called "The Princess Stealers" because I play Bowser and he plays Ganondorf. I'm really excited. We went to Applebees that night and I got to see Racahel and actually talk to her.
I did start filling out my 'Save the Dates' for people out of the state and for other family members who might need to show bosses that 'yes there are going to a wedding on Halloween.' Now I just have to buy stamps. After that I'll be sending them so look for yours. =)
Magnus moved in over the weekend too, which is great because it will help with the bills.
On Sunday I met up with Nikki and dad as you already know. They got her sized for her bridesmaid dress but the one problem is that since she is moving and don't know if you guys can come up here to pick up the dress and do altering for the wedding... NO problem! The woman who ownes the shop told me that if Nikki comes up at day or two before the wedding she will make sure that it in done in time if it needs any fixing. =) After that we had lunch at Jersey Mike's. It was nice to see them again and catch up a litte bit. I enjoyed the videos of the house. It looks so great! I hope Nick and I can get down there during the summer.
For the Superbowl we went over to Jen's house. It was just the four of us and Alex's brother, Jessie. It was okay, the commercials for the most part were down right depressing like Nationwide.
As for today I only walked one o the dog walking jobs since the other owner stayed home. When I was just abut to leave the one house my phone rang and I didn't recongnize the number but I figured that it could always be unemployeement and so I answered. I am so happy that I did because now I have a job interview on Thursday for an Animal Hospital at 2pm. It's a VCA hospital which is great! My position I had applied for is a Clinet Service Representative. I'm excited and nervous. I haven't had an interview in years... I'll be looking up questiosn to ask during my interview. Do you have any suggestions/ pointers?
As for now I'll be looking for the mailman to deliver my school book so I can do my homework before class tonight... considering it's due at 5 and it's almost 3 now.

Jan. 4th, 2015

Letter #9

Today at work my boss called out - I assume it was to prepare herself for tomorrows meetings. Since she wasn't around most of us talked about who we think will be let go or have their hours cut. It was all very depressing - even more so when the staff started cleaning up their things and packing their lockers. I know Alexa had cleaned her locker and Sylvia was collecting all her items around her desk. I went into my office and pulled pictures down and placed them in a box. Anything that was given to me wolf related as well. I took out the garbage and really just looked around for anything that was 'me' in the office. Even if I don't loose my job - this will never feel like home again. Tomorrow I am pretty sure some people will be let go and as much a I have ranted about the people I work with and how much they suck - they have become my family. They watched me grow up from high school to planning my wedding. From the shy quiet girl to tried to hide in the walls to the girl who would so openly address anyone during a cruelty investigation and take people to court before judge.
While I can't remember the first time I meet most people I sometimes remember things that they have said. Things that I have held on to. We talked about those memories. We talked about the building before it was renovated and how I came in the middle of all that. What we didn't talk about was Hermie. I wanted to mention him - I did. Hermie was such a big supporter of the shelter, our handy man and our guardian. No one messed with us because he 'Never let anyone mess with my girls.' I wonder what he would say if he were still around.
This job is not just a job to some of my co-workers; it is a way of life. It makes my heart so heavy to know that some of these people will no longer have this part of their life. I have no idea where they will end up or where they will go. I know many have taken precautions in case they loose their job - I myself have looked at different places for hire. I haven't made any choices yet until I know what is going on. I know that change is good and that I should suck this up and stop being so depressing but I may never see some members of my shelter family again after tomorrow. Some might go to the dinner we are planning but I know others will not.
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Dec. 24th, 2014

Letter #8

Let me apologize in advance for spelling errors. I am writing this on my phone. I currently write this on the floor of Mitch's room. There is a Christmas party here with a bunch of people I don't really know. Jen and Alex should be coming over a little later to join the festivities. Yesterday was the party at work - nothing exciting happened. Dr. Christman got me a present which was nice of him. I'll have to remember to text him tomorrow for a nice Christmas. I ate a lot at the party - but that's not really a surprise; I was even the first one to dig into dessert. We had dinner at mom's house and then I bought a present for my dog walking job lady.
We had a nice celebration with Nikki, just watches some movies and cooked and ate. It was good to see her again.
Tomorrow is Christmas, but you knew that. We are having breakfast at moms house and then we are going to nicks mom's house. My parents are going there for dinner. Yes my dad is going as well. Strange right?
As for my accident on the parkway... The officer messed up the report and switched me and the other driver. So it says I it the other driver. The report will need to be fixed when the officer comes back from vacation on January 1st. Always my luck.
I found a photographer for the wedding and he just needs to write up a contract. Yay.
I might need your help because I need around 10 save the dates for people who need to prove to their bosses that 'yes they are taking off for a wedding'. So if you can help me think of how they should be designed and find them cheap that would be awesome.
I'm also seeing Into the Woods tomorrow after dinner. Anyways... I hope you have a enjoyable Christmas. I miss you dear.

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Dec. 19th, 2014

Letter #7

Nothing really big has happened this week at all. I got my nose pierced, it already feels like it's almost healed. I took my finals - I only know my grade for my Microbiology lecture. I passed by two points, but hey at least I passed. I hope I did okay with Chemistry - my calculator died during the start of the test. It was a nightmare I had to do all the math by long hand division and multiplication - which I haven't done since middle school. We will see. Professors have until January 8th to put the grades in. I really don't want to wait that long. I still need to buy my books for next semester, and if everything goes okay then I will graduate in May. =)
I wish there was more to talk about but literally all I have done was study for finals and watch The Maze Runner. That's really it. Tomorrow I go to your house to hang with Nikki. It will just be Nick, Jen and I.
Oh and the officer messed up the report for the car accident. He had me down as car 2, which was okay except for the fact that in the report it says that CAR 2 HIT CAR 1! Now I have to wait for him to come back from vacation because no other officer can change the report. Ok, fine. Except he doesn't come back until JANUARY 1ST! I never have luck.
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